Illuminated FX, Inc.Illuminated FX, Inc. offers is a company that strives to meet the needs of businesses, events, homes, and people. We design, create, and professionally install everything in terms of event and home lighting, and ensure top-notch safety with the below:

• Event Lighting
• Licensed Electrical Contracting Services – Commercial & Residential
• Power Distribution & Power Management

We have realized the need for a company in the event lighting industry that not only offers creative lighting scenes unique to your personal taste, but that can also offer and guarantee electrical expertise and electrical safety knowledge that should come with each installation to make your event worry free.

Illuminated FX, Inc. knows that event lighting has evolved recently into more than just battery powered up lights and plug and play bistro type lighting; that is where the expertise of a licensed electrician comes in – to insure that the lighting system you choose for your special day will function flawlessly and most importantly safely during your special events.

Our promise to you is that each event will be professionally installed with the highest regard to electrical safety in mind. Using the national electrical code, we will calculate loads, check distribution equipment and address any electrical hazards or safety concerns that your venue may have and then rectify them. This is not a service that most event lighting companies offer.

We have been blessed to have surrounded ourselves with experts in their individual fields and utilize them when needed – from lighting designers, to lighting manufacturers, to lighting fabricators.

Illuminated FX Inc. is also excited to announce their partnership with Well_Lit_LED. We have become the sole distributor in the USA for their hand made,  fiber filament LED bulbs. Check out this incredible company and their products at http://well-Lit.co.uk. We look forward to introducing them soon to the U.S. and our events. These are the bulbs of the future, and you can only have access to them through Illuminated FX!

Not only do we design, fabricate and install lighting at your event, your home or your place of business, we also believe in giving back to the community in which we live. It is very important to us to continue to help make the world a better place – with your help and your business, we can do this together. A portion of the proceeds from our lighting events go to a local foundation dedicated to brightening children’s dreams.

You can feel confident in the quality and safety of Illuminated FX Inc. We are licensed professionals in our trade that provide top notch work – we pride ourselves on reviews and experiences of past clients, and are committed to BRINGING LIGHTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL – exceeding expectations in every way.